A Quick Way to Grasp Any Subject

This is one of my best study tips. Many teachers (and most students) overlook this. Too bad. You can grasp almost any subject more easily with this science learning tip. The secret is to understand the relative levels of organization Continue reading A Quick Way to Grasp Any Subject

How hiking makes you smarter

Take some time for a walk in the park. The research supports the value of certain kinds of fun time. A recent study was conducted at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. Earlier, related research found that people who live near forested Continue reading How hiking makes you smarter

The Truth About Memorization

Most teachers won’t spend time on this. Yesterday I heard a science tutor tell a student, “Biology is mostly memorization.” Was she wrong? Well, not exactly, but… Every time you shoot a free throw, a set of neurons are firing Continue reading The Truth About Memorization

Don’t Read Your Textbook!

Textbooks suck. Seriously. They’re boring, and they flood you with a ton of information without any depth. But you have to read them. Or maybe you don’t. At least not the whole thing. You can avoid a lot of extra Continue reading Don’t Read Your Textbook!