A biology experiment you can do at home

If you want to do a fun and easy lab at home, check this out:

I designed this lab for the Ron Paul Curriculum. I don't agree with all their political views, but it's the best K-12 educational program I've ever seen. Anyone who goes through the program will have a tremendous advantage over most public school students.

A few last-minute pointers, if you want to try this:

  • Use a strainer to keep most of the pulp and soap suds out of your final liquid
  • Make sure your alcohol is ice cold. Refrigerate it for several hours, or at least put it in the freezer for half an hour
  • Don't do anything to rapidly shake or agitate your experiment-it creates soap suds and may damage the DNA
  • Zip-lock bags are best, to avoid spills
  • Use a clear glass or beaker--it will make your DNA easier to observe.

I hope you find this fun and useful!

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