Let Google Help You Pay for Your College Education

This week's video is about how to pay for your college education.

Earn scholarships. Lots of them. I always tell my students to apply early and apply often. Each year, millions of dollars are given away. Shouldn't you get some of it? That's what this week's video is about.

The hardest thing about scholarships is finding them. Let Google do the work for you.

I hope you'll "pay for" your college education by taking as many A.P. exams, CLEPs, and other tests. This will greatly reduce the total number of courses and units you'll ultimately have to pay for.

But beyond this, getting scholarships can be one of the smartest ways to pay for your college education.

My last year in college, I earned a $5,000 scholarship that required a 20-minute interview and took about half an hour to fill out the application. That's five thousand dollars for less than an hour's work. Not bad.

And there are additional benefits you get when you apply for scholarships.

Just the simple act of applying for a scholarship will help you develop important skills that will serve you for the rest of your life. Most of the applications require you to write an essay or answer questions about your goals and plans for the future. The forces you to think clearly about these things.

How often do you think about your goals? Probably not enough. But the scholarship application will make you clear and focused. Just writing down your goals makes it more likely that you'll achieve them.

Many applications require you to produce something related to the area you're thinking of studying. This could be another essay, a project, or a work of art. You're putting forth your best ideas in a competitive setting. This is good practice for the real world.

Finally, there's the interview. When you apply for a scholarship, you can always think of it as interview training. You're going to be interviewed throughout your life by potential clients and employers, journalists, maybe even the parents of your future spouse.

Usually a successful interview will lead to your being required to take on some challenging work. But a scholarship interview will lead to your being required to sit back and collect a hefty check. Getting paid to learn. Always a good thing.

Go set up your Google alerts right now. I guarantee you'll find thousands of dollar's worth of scholarship that you could qualify for.

And while you reel in the money to pay for your college education, you'll be learning more about science and about yourself.

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