Science Tutor Tip: Shortcut to Good Articles

Sooner or later your teacher is going to have you write a research paper or do some kind of science project. Don't tell your teacher about this week's science tutor tip.

A lot of students who have a project go straight to Wikipedia. If this sounds like you, don't bother cutting and pasting your pictures and information from Wikipedia. Your teacher will see right through it. You're only cheating yourself.

This week's video will show you how to find excellent, college-quality articles with just a few minutes of research. The secret: Use Wikipedia volunteers as your personal research team. Here's how:

If you think your Middle or High School science class is tough, as your science tutor what it's like in college!

College students have to sift through large volumes of academic articles, looking for just the right primary source material. And then they have to read it all, too. This is a lot more effort than just picking up something from the Internet.

This science tutor tip is a third way that's almost as easy as Wikipedia and almost as rigorous as college-level work.

At the end of each Wikipedia article, you'll find references. Use them! This is the cream of the crop. Wikipedia is powered by the work of a lot of smart volunteers. They pick out their best sources for the reference section at the end. Read them. You'll be way ahead of your peers, with only a tiny bit of extra work.

By the way, this shortcut is only a starting point. it will give you quick access to some really good sources of information. But if you really want to be a scholar, you'll have to find more articles and more recent research.

One of my favorite places to start is A serious learner never stops, especially in a field like science where new discoveries are always being made.

But if you just want something quick and good so you can pass Environmental Sciences, this week's science tutor tip should help you out.

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