Science Tutor Tips: How to learn science vocabulary

I want all my readers to succeed, to make brilliant scientific discoveries, and maybe even win a Nobel Prize or two. But first you have to pass tests like the CLEP and the AP Biology exam. And that requires that you drill, drill, drill. This week's video shows you how to learn science vocabulary.

All the important stuff will be second nature to you when you're a professional. But in the meantime, here's a useful video that might make it fun to learn science vocabulary:

Memorizing vocabulary should never be your ultimate goal. But it's like doing push-ups. You need a minimal level of skill and ability just to communicate with other scientists.

It's true that nobody taught Einstein how to learn science vocabulary. But he taught himself through constant thought and practice. He paid attention to a small number of lectures and professors whose ideas were interesting to him. He spent hours pondering these concepts, asking new questions, and thinking of new answers.

Meanwhile, his day job required him to spend hours pouring over the technical details of proposed inventions.

When Einstein was finally ready to share his ideas with the world, he had a science vocabulary that enabled him to publish a scientific paper that professors took seriously, even though Einstein did not possess any kind of degree or certification.

If you've got a creative mind and you're focused on a specific scientific problem, you'll probably acquire the vocabulary you need on your own. You don't need a video on how to learn science vocabulary. I hope more and more students will start to leave the beaten path and blaze their own trails like Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, and others.

But if you're taking the AP exam or the CLEP, you'll inevitably be force-fed enormous quantities of science vocabulary terms. Until we develop a better system, and give geniuses the space they deserve, one of my jobs is to show you how to learn science vocabulary.

I've always used the flashcard method myself. Quizlet takes the flashcards to another level. The games are low tech and perhaps even cheesy. But they will teach you how to learn science vocabulary.

This week's video is riddled with my own errors and mistakes. I'm definitely not a champion at the "Space Attack" game on Quizlet. But I wanted to get this out quickly so you could benefit from it.

Please take the time to learn your vocabulary. Unless you have a brilliant new idea that nobody has ever thought of before. If you're in that exceptional category, I strongly urge you to forget about memorizing vocabulary words, and put all your energy into realizing your vision.

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