Test your knowledge of photosynthesis and respiration

This science learning game is a quick and easy review if you want to have a general outline of the chemical processes inside of respiration and photosynthesis.

The game is based on one of those old school numerical order sliding tablets. Maybe too old school for you to know. I used to play with one of these games while waiting for the bus in seventh grade. And even then, it was a strange anachronism.

Here, just look at the picture and maybe you'll understand what I'm talking about:

science learning game photosynthesis

You just have to slide the tiles around and put each step of the photsynthesis/respiration cycle in the correct order.

This is one of the more simple science learning games (in fact, McGraw Hill refers to it as a "lab"), but it's a good way to test or consolidate your general knowledge.

You should be able to put the steps together in the right order in a matter of minutes. This is an easy way to prove that you've got the underlying main points. Hint: Some of the processes and/or their products are a part of both photosynthesis and metabolism. When this comes up, place them with photosynthesis.


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