The most important key to learning science

Scientists constitute a community whose members work together to build a body of evidence and devise and test theories.

from "National Science Standards," The National Academy of Sciences

Post your science questions in the science learning forum, and you may get more than one answer. It’s better than having an online tutor.

However, the best way of learning science is by teaching others. If you really want to maximize your learning, answer a few questions, especially the ones that challenge you a little bit. Test your skill as an online science tutor, and you’ll learn faster by helping your fellow students.

True science has always been a collaborative effort. Teams of researchers publish their results, and then scholars around the world argue over what it means until yet more brains get involved in applying the research to some practical purpose.

The forum is meant for you to work together. Discussion and debate will sharpen your critical thinking skills and help you communicate quickly and clearly, You might even find some new answers to your biology questions.

Visit the science learning forum, where the real work begins.

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