The Only Solution to Global Warming

There's only one way to deal with global warming.

I'm putting together a unit on global warming and climate change for my students. I realized that government regulations can only go so far. Getting other countries to cooperate is a slow and difficult process, and we don't have the time.

So what can you do?

Here's the secret:

People will willingly make sacrifices, and not even feel the pain, if they are doing something that's fun, cool, exciting, or brings them some kind of obvious material benefit.

That's the job of a marketer or an entrepreneur. Offer something that's fun, cool, exciting, or brings some kind of benefit. If environmentalists were all savvy marketers and entrepreneurs, then we would always have a way out.

Just an example, to get you thinking about this: In Germany there's a popular club where the dance floor is a large plate suspended on springs. The motion of hundreds of people dancing on it each night generates electricity for the club. The owners save a lot of money, and I'll bet the person who built the whole set-up made some big bucks from the deal.

If you are a science student, this is a really exciting time. We need scientists to find ways around the tremendous number of daunting challenges that currently plague the world. And there are fantastic new resources to help you figure it out (the Internet alone seems miraculous to those of us who remember a world without it, and that's just the tip of the iceberg).

More importantly, we need people to put those new discoveries and solutions into practice. Traditionally business leaders are the ones who have made this happen. They have not always done it ethically...but I'll take my chances.

Now it's up to you. To everyone. If you agree that a lot needs to change, then find a way to make the change. You don't need to bang your head against a screen door to get people to care about global warming.

The truth is most people don't care. They won't care. But everyone cares about something. The easiest way to get what you want is to give other people what they want. I hope you'll find a way to do this. I'll be working on it too.

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