This addictive science learning game will teach you all about energy management

Be careful. You'll get hooked. I spent almost an hour yesterday on this science learning game.

Brought to you from New Zealand, this science learning game lets you rule a small town in New Zealand with an iron fist. You can create whatever you want. An ecotopian paradise. An industrial powerhouse of economic growth. A tourist haven--or a tourist trap. Just don't run out of energy. Or money.

I better not catch you playing this on your phone during a lab!

But that said, if you want to understand some of the issues of environmental science, civil engineering, and energy management, this science learning game will help you feel the pain of a city bureaucrat.

My only criticism is that the game only lasts 150 turns. This seems like a lot, but you can use up many turns raising the funds for a major investment, and then the game is over before you see the benefits of, say, a solar power or cogeneration plant.

In this way, the game encourages short-term planning.

Nevertheless, you'll learn from this game, or at least it's not the worst way you could waste your time. Especially if you're in an environmental science class.

Here's the link:


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