Using football to learn the basics of physics

Here's a fun science-learning game that will teach you some basic concepts in physics. You'll learn about velocity, probability, and force.


This science learning game was put together by the NFL, Discovery Learning, and  EA Sports™.  I'm glad they did this. You can get on their website and play the game yourself at this link:

This is one of several science learning games that I'm posting as a resource for you.These resources will help out anyone who wants to have fun while learning about science, but they are especially useful for tutors and home school.

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About this Science Learning Game

This game is ideal for someone in middle school, who is just about to learn very basic physics concepts.

However, a more advanced math student could get a lot out of it if you wanted to see some real-life applications of the math, or just wanted to understand why it's important.

Football by the Numbers starts by introducing students to some basic offensive and defensive football strategies. Next, you'll learn the concepts in math and physics that are related to these strategies.

Finally, it's game time. The player has to use what he or she learned about physics to try to score a touchdown (offense) or use the concepts of force and probability to block a pass (defense).

I hope you enjoy this science learning game!


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